Deliveries on Time for the Holidays

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The holidays can be stressful, and it’s all too easy to forget to send off that package or card through Canada Post or another shipping service before the deadline!

Millions of packages will be in transit this month: Canada Post predicts it will deliver more than 40 million packages this holiday season, while purolator ships another 17 million pieces.

While our competitors at Canada Post, Purolator and UPS cannot offer guaranteed on time delivery, we at Road Runner Express can!!!! Make sure your packages arrive in time for the Holidays by contacting us today at (519) 752-8830 or schedule an online pickup/delivery on our website at For customer support call or e mail us anytime at

No Excuse Shipping

At Road Runner Express we can guarantee quick and easy shipping, always on time, rain or shine! Our dedicated staff and drivers are committed to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your precious cargo to any specified business location!

Schedule your pick-up/delivery today! Call us at (519) 752-8830 or schedule an online pickup/delivery on our website at For customer support call or or e-mail us anytime at

Going the Extra Mile

At Road Runner Express we offer quick and easy shipping at an affordable cost! We have a variety of trucks for delivery services and are equipped to ship/deliver any package, no matter its size. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your deliveries/shipments arrive on time!

We offer our clients on-route delivery alerts and the ability to re-route or reschedule deliveries to fit your busy schedule. Our customers can call 24/7 to get information on their inbound and outbound shipments,  so you can rest easy and assured with Road Runner Express always knowing the whereabouts of your package. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding: getting started with Road Runner Express, registration, or any questions regarding how to ship or track a package, feel free to contact our outstanding customer support staff at (519) 752-8830 on call 24/7, office hours open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, or e mail us anytime at