Road Runner Express has established a tradition of bringing a personal component to the service we provide.  This is accomplished because we understand the importance of effective communication.  After all, great relationships have at their core great communication.  This helps us to understand the needs of our customers better and develop our services in a nimble way to meet your needs.

We are proud of what is happening here.  A Canadian success story in the making of a small delivery company that is growing and with hundreds of happy customers that enable us to be the best.  Whether your need is a small parcel across the city or a large shipment to be delivered across the border, Road Runner Express delivers.

Road Runner Express has grown into a leading parcel delivery expert with nationwide and international coverage. This is only made possible by our team of dedicated office staff and our courier team, as well as the ongoing support of our valued customers.

So thank you!   Your patronage and feedback enhances our commitment and ability to be the best.